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Tango Chat Line

    chat line

  • A telephone service that allows conversation among a number of people who call into it separately
  • The access to, or connection with, a chat room
  • (Chat Lines) “Chat Line” services make it possible for people to communicate with one another by telephone call. However, recent chat lines are like CB radio in which a number of people both listen and speak together.


  • a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin
  • A ballroom dance originating in Buenos Aires, characterized by marked rhythms and postures and abrupt pauses
  • A piece of music written for or in the style of this dance, typically in a slow dotted duple rhythm
  • A code word representing the letter T, used in voice communication by radio
  • dance a tango
  • music written in duple time for dancing the tango

tango chat line

tango chat line – Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II KILO Limited Edition Stereo Gaming Headset
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Buenos Aires urban views

Buenos Aires urban views
From the Alitalia Bureau

Quando passeggiate per BAires, a volte avete la sensazione di essere a New York, altre volte a Madrid, oppure a Parigi, qualche volta a Genova….
Se andate a BAires, camminate a piedi…vedrete le case coloniali di San Telmo, la City del Microcentro, gli eleganti barrios di Recoleta e Retiro, la vivacità di Palermo, il barrio che amo particolarmente….ma scoprirete anche le villas miserias dove la gente vive in modo precario in case precarie…
Prendete i colectivos (autobus), ogni linea ha un colore diverso…In Avenida Santa Fe prendete il 152, arriverete alla Boca, quartiere genovese, dove sbarcavano le navi degli emigranti..o prendete il 93, vedrete il Paseo Colon e potrete arrivare dopo un’ora e un quarto ad Avellaneda, provincia di BAires..
Prendete il Subte (Metropolitana),,,,con la linea D, fermata Catedral, andrete in Calle Florida….
Con la linea B, andrete ad Avenida Corrientes, con le sue librerie….
Potete anche fermare uno delle decine di migliaia di taxi giallo-neri e, a bordo, chiacchererete rilassati con il taxista, mentre alla radio sentirete la struggente musica di una milonga…
Se siete stanchi di attraversare le avenidas a 6 corsie (non dimenticate Avenida 9 de Julio, una della più larghe avenidas del mondo), passeggiate in uno dei tantissimi parchi, visitate un museo (imperdibili il MALBA- Museo de Artes LatinoAmericano de Buenos Aires- o il Museo de Bellas Artes..
Sedetevi a una cafeteria, prendete un caffè americano o un cortado (superbo el café de Colombia) con una media luna, leggendo le pagine del Clarin e della Nacion…Godetevi in un Restobar le empanadas o i superbi asados…
Girate per i negozi di frutta, dove chiacchererete con il venditore boliviano…
La notte non perdete gli spettacoli di tango a Piazza Dorrego, San Telmo…
Dopo qualche giorno a BAires, vi sentirete Porteños…
Quanto a me, io lo sono già…

When walking in Baires, sometimes you have the feeling of being in New York, sometimes in Madrid, or Paris, some time in Genoa ….
If you go to Baires, walk by foot … you’ll see the colonial houses of San Telmo, the City of Microcentro, the elegant barrios of Recoleta and Retiro, the vivacity of Palermo, the barrio that I particularly love …. but you will also discover the “villas miserias” where people live precariously in unstable homes …
Take the colectivos (buses), each line has a different color … In Avenida Santa Fe take the 152, you will come to Boca, looks like a barrio of Genova, where the ships of the emigrants landed.. or take the 93, and you will see the Paseo Colon and arrive after an hour and a quarter in Avellaneda, Province of Baires ..
Take the Subte (Underground)..by line D, you’ll go to Calle Florida…By the line B, you’ll go to Avenida Corrientes, with its bookshops..
You may stop one of the tens of thousands of yellow-black taxi ,on board, relaxing chat with the taxi driver, while at the radio will hear the poignant music of a milonga …
If you are tired of crossing the six lanes avenues (do not forget Avenida 9 de Julio, one of the widest avenues in the world), please, walk in the many parks, visit a museum (do not miss the MALBA- Museo de Artes Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires or the Museo de Bellas Artes ..
Sit in a coffee shop, take an American coffee or a cortado (superb el café de Colombia) with a media luna, reading the pages of Clarin and Nacion … Enjoy the superb asados and empanadas in a Restobar
Visit a the fruit shop, where we’ll talk with the Bolivian seller…
The night do not miss the tango shows in Dorrego Square, San Telmo …
After a few days in Baires, you will feel Porteños …
As for me, I am already Porteño….

Friday the 13th Gala

Friday the 13th Gala
Even the tourists around the Universal Studios City Walk got to witness the event. Here a host chats a bit about the history of the Friday the 13th films.

Universal Studios Hollywood (CityWalk). I went to support the book signing and launch party for my new friend and author Peter Bracke’s new book entitled, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th.

For those of you who don’t know, I starred in Friday the 13th Part 5 when I was around 14. It was the one right after "The Final Chapter".

Anyway, the event was sponsored by New Line Cinema and was quite fun. I usually don’t get out much and it was a real treat for me. I got to finally meet Peter, get my signed booked, and find out what he wrote about me!

tango chat line

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